International contingent to join TUC demonstration

A high profile delegation of parliamentarians and senior trade union figures from across Europe will be joining the TUC demonstration tomorrow, Saturday 20th October. They will be hosting a Press Conference at 11am outside HMS President on the Embankment, near Blackfriars Bridge, London.

Coming to London to express their solidarity against cuts and austerity measures in Britain, representatives from Greece, Portugal, Spain, France and Germany are at the cutting edge of the struggles in their own countries for economic alternatives.

The delegation includes:  Stefanos Samoilis MP from SYRIZA in Greece which shot to prominence in recent elections, under the leadership of Alexis Tspiras; Marisa Mathias MEP from Bloco de Esquerda, in the leadership of the recent massive demonstrations in Portugal; Florian Wilde from Die Linke, Germany’s successful left party; Elisabeth Gauthier from the French Communist Party, prominent in the Front de Gauche; Giorgos Charisis from the ADEDY trade union federation of Greece; Haralambos Kokkinos, Vice-president of the DOE primary education trade union of Greece; Dimitris Gkinis of the OLME secondary education trade union of Greece; Annick Coupe, leader of the Solidaire trade union of France, and many others. (full list below note 1)

Today The Guardian published a letter from the delegation, explaining why they are marching in London. (text below note 2)

Stefanos Samoilis MP said: ‘People are facing poverty, hunger and even death, as a result of the catastrophic and government-imposed failure of health systems and social services across our continent. Ordinary people are suffering on almost every front. Today we represent the peoples of Europe, standing together with the people of Britain. Together, in solidarity, we will defeat this onslaught – for the sake of the future of humanity.’

Press Contacts:

Frederic Leplat   07941893212

Paul Mackney  07974353709


1 Delegation members

Stefanos Samoilis MP, Syriza, Greece

Marisa Mathias MEP, Bloco de Esquerda, Portugal

Florian Wilde, DieLinke, Germany

Elisabeth Gauthier, French Communist Party

Giorgos Charisis, ADEDY union federation, Greece

Haralambos Kokkinos, Vice-president, DOE, Greece

Dimitris Gkinis, OLME union, Greece

Annick Coupe, Solidaire union, France

Dominique Giannotti, FSU union, France

Alfons Bech, Comissions Obreres of Catalonia, Spain

Anders Svensson, Welfare not Profit, Sweden

Verveine Angeli, Attac, France

Christian Pigeon, SUD PTT, France

Nicolas Galepides, SUD PTT, France

Fred Madelin, SUD PTT, France

Myriam Djegham, Les Comités action contre l’Austérité en Europe, Belgium

Athanasios Kikinis, DOE union, Greece

Loukas Korfiatis, OLME union, Greece

Myriam Bourgy, Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt,Belgium


2 The Guardian letter text 19.10.12

‘Europe is plunging deeper into crisis. Its governments are continuing with their failed austerity policies in spite of the ever-increasing struggles of the peoples of Europe in defence of the social and economic gains made over many decades. The economic crisis has increasingly become a social and political crisis as people face poverty, hunger and even death. Those who oppose austerity must work together to reject policies which leave the majority of our populations in hardship and misery. That is why we have come to London and tomorrow we will march on the TUC demonstration, A Future that Works, alongside the people of this country, against austerity and for a future that works.’


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